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Portable Oral Irrigator

From $9.95 to $19.95

Dental Water Flosser - removes leftover debris between teeth and gums!

This irrigator sends a cleansing spray of water into places no toothbrush can reach, flushing out food particles that brushing leaves behind. And, unlike fiddly floss and interdental brushes it’s very easy to use as the long nozzle can get to those hard to reach teeth. It’s just 23cm long and the simple pump action means there’s no need for batteries or power so it’s perfect for travelling. You can also purchase spare mouthpieces. Your whole mouth will feel so fresh and clean!

What you get:
• More efficient alternative to flossing & interdental brushes
• Can be used with orthodontics, bridges, crowns and implants
• Pump action forces water between teeth to remove stubborn debris
• No batteries or charging
• Measures 23cm in length

Portable Oral IrrigatorSKU: ORLIR
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23H x 3.5D x 5W cms 2 mouthpieces included

Pump Action (like a water pistol) - pressure can be controlled by how hard you push. Mouthpiece can be stored in water reservoir for travel. Better than floss and as an extra aid to brushing. Perfect for people with braces, implants and crowns, bridges or veneers. Can also fill with mouthwash as well.